Why Do Dogs Rub Their Nose On The Carpet?


I just read an illuminating article about why dogs rub their nose on the carpet or the furniture on Pet4homes.  Some of the reasons came to mind easily, but some were not as obvious.

For example, the ones that came to my mind immediately was that they want to clean their nose or mouth after they eat, maybe to wipe it dry.  Or that they just like the feel of rubbing their face on the carpet.

Less obvious reasons that the author suggest include possible allergies, skin problems, if your dog’s skin has folds, problem with the collar, and marking their environment with their scent.


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Problems with the collar

If your dog wears a collar all of the time, it is important to make sure that it fits properly and is not too snug or too loose, and that the shape and style of the collar are a good match for your dog. Look out for spots where the collar might be pinching, rubbing, or causing bare spots, and replace it ASAP. Also, bear in mind that some dogs can be sensitive to the anti-parasitic agents contained in flea collars, so if your dog wears a flea collar, consider replacing this for a normal collar.

Something smells or feels good…

Sometimes, the underlying reason behind why a dog might like to rub their face on odd things is as simple as that it feels good, or smells good. Your dog might simply enjoy the texture of the carpet or furniture in question, just as dogs very much enjoy the feeling of grass under their feet. Also, if your carpet or even soft furnishings have an enticing aroma- either in and of themselves, or because there is a trace of something tasty or fragrant trapped in the fibres- your dog might just be showing his approval and trying to soak up the scent!

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  pet4homes.co.uk

Image source:  local pups on Flickr.com


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