Marnie The Senior Rescue Dog Living The Celebrity Life


I am thrilled to read about this celebrity–Marnie.

She was found by Animal Control when she was around 10 years old.  When no one claimed her, she was moved to a shelter, and was there for 4 months when she was adopted.  Because of a post on PetFinder.  Yay!

It’s just wonderful to hear a happy ending.  Today Marnie is living the life of a celebrity.  She has her own book, and is the most popular rescue dog on Instagram.


Here’s a brief excerpt:

As Marnie became more comfortable and confident in her new home, her personality began to shine through.

[regarding her head tilt, several vets think it’s]…Vestibular Syndrome, and most dogs are able to recover in a few weeks and continue living normal, pain-free and happy lives— sometimes with a head-tilt.

Senior rescue dogs are known for being especially grateful and loyal to their new owners for giving them a second chance on life, and Marnie lives every day exemplifying this joy and gratitude.


CLICK here to read about Marnie.


Article source:  Marnie the Dog

Image source:  Imgur




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