Photos Of Dogs Who Haven’t Figured Out Some Things YET


This article is filled with humorous photos of doggies who haven’t figured out certain things YET.  They will.  But for the time being, they DO look a bit comical to us.  (Sorry, doggies, for smiling at your expense.)  These photos are compiled by Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed.

Among my favorite images are:   1)  We take patio doors for granted.  But for someone who has bumped into clear glass once, it’s understandable they won’t fall for it again.  2)  I can see him as a potential TV character with this vest.  He seems very proud to be wearing it.  3)  I’m sure it’s not funny to the doggie, but on this side of the door, it DOES look comical.  7)  I can relate.  Sometimes things are simpler than they look.  Just step back a little, and I can see the bigger picture. 🙂   10)  See photo below.

CLICK here to see the other humorous photos.


Article source:  Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Lasiah on Twitter via Buzzfeed

Image source:  Savicelo on Imgur via Buzzfeed


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