[VIDEO] German Shepherd Playing With An Energetic Puppy


The German Shepherd in this video is playing with his very energetic puppy.  A VERY energetic puppy.

The dad’s name was Bravo.  He was a therapy dog.  That probably implies a lot of patience and understanding of what another needs.   Bravo’s puppy is Zoey, a little one who would be better named “Energy”

Watch how Bravo plays with his daughter in a way that satisfies her energy level.  He lets her get out all her excess energy by herself first.  Then he matches her energy.  And a couple of times he tries to distract her attention on him and turn her attention to a toy instead.  Smart dad!

Let the toys do the entertaining for a while.  But what the pup really wants was to hang out with dad!

Enjoy this little bundle of energy and how a loving dad handles playtime.


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