Photos Of Funny Doggie Yoga Poses


This article shows photos of quite a few doggies in yoga poses.  They really excel at this.   The photos are compiled by Stephanie Hinds of Bark Post.

Among my favorites are:

  • Image  # 1 is precious.  YODA in meditation.
  • I think Doggie # 2 is just being goofy.
  • Doggie # 3 has GREAT potential.  Really nice stretch, pup!
  • Image # 5 is precious.  (I won’t ruin the surprise for you.)
  • Doggie # 7 has the natural body shape for yoga.
  • Doggie # 9 is a serious student with her own yoga mat.
  • Image # 11  I don’t know what he is doing!
  • Doggie # 12  Yoga buddy
  • Doggie # 13   Yoga anywhere

CLICK here to see the other doggie yogis.


Article source:  Stephanie Hind of Bark Post

Image source:  Chaitanya Alluri on Flickr



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