Photos Of Puppies Loving Life


All the photos in this article are of puppies loving life.  Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed compiled these beautiful photos.

I particularly enjoy these images:  # 1)  Who wouldn’t smile looking at this little one?   # 2)  Perfect moment to remember   # 13)  This is what PROUD looks like    # 14)  The feeling of freedom   # 15)  I love this wave   # 17)  Sheer happiness    # 18)  Lost in bed  # 20)  All I see is your friendliness, and I LIKE you   # 23)  See below   # 24)  I am just HAPPY   # 29)  I like being with my buddy

CLICK here to see the other happy puppies.

napping pup

Article source:  Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Reddit via Buzzfeed


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