Photos Of Puppies Who Want To Nap NOW


This article is filled with photos of lovely puppies who are so tired they want to take a nap NOW.  Like right now.  The images are compiled by Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed.  I enjoy the captions she writes for each of the photograph.

The images that I particularly enjoy are:  Image # 1)  Corgi’s relaxed state,  # 2)  Curled up little legs, # 6)  Safe in the arm of my Dad, # 7)  The expression is simply precious,  # 8)  See below,  # 9)  Wake me when you’re done shopping,  # 15)  An ambitious puppy,

CLICK here to see the other puppies.

He was so tired he had to be carried home - Imgur

Article source:  Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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