The Only Toy This Alaskan Malamute Will Play With


This is a sweet story of Luca, a grown Alaskan malamute who TODAY, loves the same stufffed animal as she did when she was a puppy.  Here is the story…

Her owner, Karissa, bought the stuffed animal when she was in college.  She wanted a puppy then, but decided to wait until she is financially able to have a dog in her life.

A few years later, she got her real dog, Luca.  And Karissa gave the stuffed animal to Luca, who has kept the stuffed toy by her side ever since.

The power of knowing what you want, getting an object to represent what you want, and making the dream come to life!

CLICK here to see all the beautiful photos of Luca.


Article source:  Alan White of Buzzfeed UK

Image source:  Imgur


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