These Doggies ALL Found A Home


I am SO glad to see that ALL the doggies in this article found a home.  The images are compiled by Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed.

Image # 1.  I think this little one will bring a lot of interesting interactions to the family–very energetic ones.   Image # 3.  Soulful eyes.  Image # 6.  Already bonded on the ride home.   Image # 9.  I love my human already.  Image # 10.  I’m so happy I’m on Cloud 9!  Image # 21.  I just KNOW my new dad loves me.

CLICK here to see the rest of the happy doggies.

My name is Ripley and I was adopted today - Imgur

Article source:  Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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