Tips That Soothe Your Dog From Halloween Stress


For some dogs, Halloween can be a stressful day, with all the strange costumes people wear, children walking by the front windows, doorbells ringing constantly.

What can we do if our dog is stressed out?

Jessica Peralta of Dogs Naturally Magazine suggests several tips:

  • Keep dogs away from windows and doors, at a peaceful environment
  • Use Rescue Remedy (there’s a pet version)
  • Use pressure wrap
  • Tellington TTouch
  • Play classical music
  • Essential Oils


Here’s a portion of that article:

The first step is to keep your dog as comfortable as possible – away from windows and the front door, in a quiet area where he can have a nice something to chew on.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy was developed specifically for times of stress for both humans and animals…Rescue Remedy can be used for things like vet visits, thunderstorms, and yes, Halloween time.

Essential oils are a natural but powerful medicine. It’s important to get high quality oils, to always dilute the oil or oils in a carrier oil, never give the oil to your dog internally and avoid using it with cats, birds, reptiles and fish.


You can read the entire article from Dogs Naturally


Article Source:  Jessica Peralta  on Dogs Naturally

Image Source:  Donelle


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