Dogs Helping Children To Read


I came across an article by Hannah Gilman of on how service dogs are helping children to read.

I think it is a great idea.  Especially for children who feel embarrassed reading in front of a group, maybe fearful of making mistakes.   With a dog friend, it’s totally unconditional.  There’s no judgment whatsoever.  A child is not going to be criticized, and does not have to measure up to anyone.

San Jose Library

Here’s a segment from the article:

Armed with a book, children plop down next to their dog—sometimes one-on-one, and sometimes in a group—and read away, often petting and patting the dog as they work through tough-to-tackle words.

There’s no pressure, no time-restraints, and no criticism (as constructive as it may be)—just reading to a friend who happens to be overflowing with unconditional love and covered in fur.

In some programs, simply reading to the dog is the incentive—something the child can anticipate with excitement rather than dread.

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Image source:  San Jose Library


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