3 Tips To Keep Elderly Dogs Fit And Healthy


I just read an article on Dog Lovers Dogs about keeping elderly dogs happy and healthy.  They are about play, food, and exercise.

Even though your dog may not bounce around like a puppy, he still appreciates playing.

As for food, since he may be exercising less now, it is possible that weight gain is easier.  But that’s not always the case.   And it might be nice to warm up his food before serving it to him.

Depending on your dog, it is possible that exercising for 20 minutes a couple of times a day may feel more comfortable than a 4-hour hike.  Then again, like people, dogs are individuals too.  There are lots of centenarians today.  Why not dogs?  (in dog years, that is.)



Here’s a segment from the article:

… older dogs will still want to run and play if they can. Invest in age appropriate toys such as chew toys and balls. They may not want to run after a stick like they used to, but they will still need exercise…If your dog is not as good on his four legs as he used to, you can invest in pet strollers for dogs…

… their lack of mobility means that they are more prone to weight gain. Ensure that you are supplementing their diet with soft meats and oil-rich foods such as fit. It’s important to reduce their calorie content too so that they don’t put on too much weight as they age

…do avoid excessively long walks during this time. Keep dog walks short and concise. Go for walks in 20 minute bursts twice per day.
You can read the entire article on Dog Lovers Dogs


Article source:  Dog Lovers Dogs

Image source:  Amade-a  on Flickrs.com


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