Benefits Of Yoga For Your Dog


This is an interesting topic to me because I have seen a friend’s dog doing yoga with her, and her dog likes it.

There’s actually a word for this–DOGA.  Yoga for Dogs.  According to Heather Barnett of, the benefits of yoga can include relaxing and soothing a pet that’s wound up, helping with digestion during the massage portion of the workout, helps dogs to learn socialization in class, helps to calm those with “behavioral problems”, and it can be quality time for you and your beloved pet.

Bill Wren

Here’s a segment from the article:

The benefits of doga

Not only will doga help relax and soothe your wound-up pet, but it can also aid in digestion through the massage portion of the class and help lower their blood pressure…doga can also help teach socialization and assist in calming canines with behavioral problems.

Should you try doga?

While you and your dog may both benefit from doga’s stretching and relaxation techniques, perhaps the most important thing you’ll gain by exercising with your pet is the quality time you spend with him. Even if your dog just likes having his belly rubbed or enjoys sitting on your mat while you practice your own techniques, you’re bonding with your animal. It’s believed that when you relax, your dog picks up on your behavior and scent, causing them to relax themselves. In the end, Rover could benefit from yoga just by watching you do it.

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Article Source:  SheKnows

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