8 Tips On Raising A Puppy In An Apartment


Have you been thinking about getting a puppy but hesitate because you live in an apartment?

Louise Lawson from The Nest has some advice on this topic.  First, make sure the landlord allows pet.  Select a breed that would be appropriate for apartment living.  Get plenty of toys because you don’t want your puppy to be bored and start destroying things.  Keep him busy.  Frequent bathroom breaks.  Introduce him to the neighbors so your puppy won’t bark at them when they walk by.  Frequent play sessions.  Frequent grooming.

Ben Sibley


Here’s a portion of the article:

Step 1

Speak to your landlord to make sure pets are allowed in your apartment. Many apartment complexes have size and breed restrictions, and knowing what is acceptable in advance will prevent a possible eviction. Sign any required documents and pay additional pet deposits before bringing your puppy home.

Step 3

Crate train your puppy as soon as he comes home. Line the bottom of the crate with a fluffy dog bed, and put the crate in your bedroom. Set the puppy in the crate at bedtime and close the door. He may whine and cry for a few nights, but soon he will learn the crate is his own safe, quiet sleeping space.

Step 6

Feed the puppy a high-quality puppy food. Look for a food with no fillers, such as corn and wheat, and with meat listed among the first few ingredients. Feed the puppy on a set schedule, spreading the meals throughout the day to minimize digestive upset. Take the puppy out to potty after every meal.

You can read the entire article on The Nest.


Article Source:  The Nest

Image Source:  Ben Sibley on Flickr.com


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