[VIDEO] 10-Days-Old English Bulldog Babies Cuddling While Napping


Isn’t this the sweetest sight?  A couple of English Bulldog babies cuddling while they are taking a nap.  They are only 10-days-old.   I have watched quite a few videos with puppies finding their way to sleep right next to another pup, even when there’s a ton of space around them.  So I did a little research.   What I read confirms my hypothesis.  Dogs are pack creatures.  Those who live in the wild sleep in piles to keep warm, and also because this is their natural behavior.  So it makes sense that puppies like to sleep in piles.  And it’s good for bonding too.  Given that these 10-days-old don’t have much hair to keep them warm yet, it makes even more sense that they appreciate more body heat.  We are dog lovers, we look for any reason to go Aaawwwww.

Enjoy watching these little ones nap together.


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