[VIDEO] 14-Days-Old Puppy Dreaming And Stretching


The 14-days-old puppy in this video is dreaming and stretching.   At this stage of a puppy’s life, it’s impossible to look away when they sleep and doing their twitching of the arms and other adorable things puppies do in their sleep.  Watch how this little one curl up his little legs.  The way he pulls up his right paw to his face looks as if he is rubbing his eyes.

I wonder how many of you puppy parents take over a thousand photos just from watching them sleep and move their little arms around.   Every little move, you say “Oh isn’t that sweet?”  Because it is TRUE !   And you tell yourself, “I’ll just watch him for another minute.”  And that was well over an hour ago!

Enjoy watching this sweet little Angel face move about in his sleep!


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