[VIDEO] 2 Puppies Playing With Their Teeth


The 2 puppies in this video are playing with their teeth.  They must be teething, and testing out the power of these new toys.  One of the puppies had the other one pinned down.  The one lying on his back seems to have an itchy arm.  At first I thought the other pup was helping his sibling to chew on an itch.  But it looks more like he is testing the fun he can have with his teeth.

Animal behavioralist Amber Johnson wrote in Pet Premium that puppies often explore their new world through mouthing or chewing.   Those puppy teeth are sharp!  Part way through this video, the puppy being “chewed” let out a little yelp, which means the bite was too hard.  Puppies do not know how strong their bites are.  But it is something that we can help them learn.

Enjoy watching this cute interaction between the puppies.

Image source:  Amber Johnson via Pet Premium


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