[VIDEO] 3 Kittens And A Puppy Hanging Out Together


The 3 kittens and a puppy in this video are hanging out together.  This has GOT to be a very special household that nurtures this kind of relationships among their four-legged friends.  At the beginning of the video, the puppy and the 3 kittens are lying on their back, with the EXACT same sleeping pose–with their arms over their head.

Then as the kittens turn over, one of them puts her paws on the face of her puppy friend.  Notice throughout all the movement in the video, the puppy stays in the same position.  These 4 have already established their friendship.  Usually the advice is to introduce puppies and kittens to each other gradually.  Perhaps first through a screen door so they get comfortable with seeing each other, then a few minutes together, then back to their individual space, especially during meal time.  Before they have built a friendship and can be left alone together, it would be a good idea to have them in their separate space while you are away from home.

Enjoy this very sweet video of the friendships between 3 kittens and a puppy.


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