[VIDEO] Beautiful Sound Of A 16-Days-Old Bulldog Puppy


This video gives us the opportunity to listen to the beautiful sound of a 16-days-old Bulldog puppy.  She sounds upset about something, then calms down.  Then she decided that she still feels unhappy about something, and she tells her parent about it.

There’s something about her voice.  The “rrrrr” in her sound.  Bulldog puppies have the loveliest voice.  I hope she finds comfort soon.  She is squirming about something.  Maybe she is feeling sleepy and doesn’t want the camera’s light on her?  Look at her little paws.  That’s a close up of a puppy paw at 16 days.  Wow!

Enjoy listening to the voice of this 16-days-old Bulldog puppy.


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