[VIDEO] 3-Weeks-Old Corgi Rushes To Help His Brother

video of Corgi puppy rushes to help brother

This is one of the sweetest Corgi videos I’ve watched.  It’s about how a 3-weeks-old Corgi rushes to the rescue of his brother.  This litter of 8 Corgi puppies is starting to explore the world.  They are getting a sense of how to balance the Corgi body on top of those short little legs when they walk, and starting to get adventurous.

5-week old Corgi exploring new territory

Otis seems to be the leader, the explorer.  Charlie (the one sleeping when everyone else is up and exploring) is the smallest.   Otis is the first to leave his siblings to explore more of the living room.  He encounters a coffee table, with a lower level that’s just the right height for him to try mountain climbing.   Otis is confident, and easily succeeds in this adventure.  Even though he rolls off a couple of times, it does not keep him from getting up and trying again.

A compassionate Corgi puppy

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Otis’ siblings are watching him, and think it could be fun for them too.  So they walk over to the coffee table and try out mountain climbing.   Perhaps all this raucous woke up Charlie, who by now is all by himself because all his siblings are playing at the coffee table.   Charlie start to cry.   Otis, a caring brother and leader, leaves the fun he is having and heads over to Charlie.  By now, there is a cushion between him and Charlie.  And it’s a pretty big cushion.  Otis manages to climb over that big mountain and makes his way to his brother.   He lies beside Charlie to comfort him.   What a sweet brother he is! 

Another example of a Corgi being compassionate

It is a beautiful experience to witness such natural love from puppies.  I personally have seen a young Corgi puppy caring for a human friend.  He was sleeping, and his friend walked into the room and was feeling distressed.  He got up from his nap and gave her a hug.  Did he pick up some signals even in his sleep?  Dogs are known for picking up emotions of those around them.  Some more than others.   Enjoy watching this very sweet act of compassion!


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