[VIDEO] Fiona Can See Now After Her Eye Surgery

Fiona the rescue dog can see after her eye surgery

This is a touching video.  Fiona can see now after her eye surgery.  Dr. Michael Chang and his team took great care of Fiona.  And the support from around the world through both donation and purchasing the book “Our Lives Have Gone To The Dogs” made the eye surgery for Fiona possible.  There is no blood in this video at all.  It only showed briefly that Fiona is on the operation table.  Then 24 hours later, she was out to greet her friends, happy to see their faces.  She enjoys the car ride.  Everything looks new.  And back home, she is enjoying yummy treats as before.  Soon, she’s bouncing around in the backyard, in bed, in the living room, and with really great aim!

Fiona can now see, thanks to the outpour of generosity

Calming bed for dogs for travelling or new home
Calming bed for dogs for travelling or new home

Annie Hart writes in Dog Heirs the most moving story of how Hope For Paws helps not only Fiona, but add to the momentum of adding awareness to providing homes to dogs who have been rescued.  When Fiona’s video was posted, within days, it was on dozens of major news sources around the world.  The Hagars were overwhelmed by the outpour of calls, emails, thank you’s, and donation to help Fiona. 

Passing it forward to help other dog owners

When the writer contacted Eldad for tips on raising money for a very sick dog at the Bill Foundation, Eldad made a call to the vet and paid for the entire vet bill.  He said it was paying forward for the support that he received for Fiona when she needed her eye surgery.  When Eldad started making these videos, it was to share with his parents 10,000 miles away what he was involved with so they can participate in his life virtually.

Veterinary schools use these videos to educate students

Now, veterinary schools use the videos to educate their students.  Supervisors of shelters use them to teach staff how to slow down when working with an animal that is very scared.  You can read this most touching story here.  To see Fiona’s life after her eye surgery, watch this video.

Article source:  Annie Hart in Dog Heirs



  1. T.F. Reply

    What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing, Doggie Outpost!

  2. T.F. Reply

    What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing, Doggie Outpost!

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