[VIDEO] Beagle Meeting New Puppy Lilly

Video Beagle puppy coming home

Remember Charlie, the Beagle who loves the little girl Laura Olivia, and looks after her as if he were the mom?  Now that she can take care of herself, Laura is bringing home a new puppy–another Beagle–for Charlie, and well, for herself!

This loving family want prospective dog owners to consider their situation before bringing home a dog, so that the newcomer won’t end up in a shelter later on.  They are specifically thinking of families with newborns, and believe that with proper training, it is possible to live in peace, baby and puppy.

What to consider before adopting a dog

Calming Bed for Dogs to new homes
Calming Bed for Dogs to new homes

For those who are not in that situation, but do want to get a dog for other reasons, there are other things to consider.  Guest writer Margaret Brooks shares some thoughts on this topic below.  Margaret is the VP of content at CertaPet.com.  This animal lover had owned dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, monkeys and other small animals. Currently, she has just one pet – a Rottweiler named Toggie.

Check your housing regulations before purchasing or adopting a dog or cat   Many landlords and management companies no longer allow pets due to past problems. However, many also offer the option of having a pet if you pay a pet deposit. These deposits are often non-refundable, so be sure to consider that before renting.

For people with service dogs, emotional support animals, or therapy animals there are different regulations that may apply. Knowing your rights is very important when owning a pet, especially with so many different municipal ordinances in effect.

Privileges for Emotional Support Animal owners   If you have an Emotional Support Animal, Service Animal, or Therapy Animal, there are several resources you can turn to for help. Yes, there are benefits to having these animals, including the right to rent a home or apartment without the concern of pet restrictions.

There are a variety of benefits for those who require an animal for assistance. Pet deposits, additional rental fees, airline fees, and more are waived for those with a need for an emotional support animal or a service dog. This is due to the special nature of the conditions leading to the ownership of the animals. Many people who require these animals fall under the ADA, which gives them some special considerations with landlords, airlines, and many other venues.

Owning a pet is for life   Just remember, owning a pet is a serious responsibility. Just as we would provide everything necessary for a child, the same must be done for a pet, without the benefit of them being able to tell us what they need. By planning ahead and considering your income properly, you can determine whether a pet is right for you at this time.


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