[VIDEO] 6 Beautiful Husky Puppies From Nursing To Walking


In this video, you’ll see 6 beautiful Husky puppies from nursing to walking.  The scenes in the video is well put together.  It starts with the almost newborn puppies sleeping in a row, doing the puppy twitch in their sleep.  Then the puppies start crawling, eyes still unopen, and find their siblings to cuddle with.

Mom is licking her puppies, feeding them, as her human friend gives some nurturing to this beautiful and tired mom.   Next, the puppies start walking and exploring the house.  Where there is nook and cranny, they go exploring.  Getting stuck behind furniture.  If there’s anything you don’t want teeth mark on, hide them, ’cause these puppies will get their teeth into it.

Let this video delight you with 6 puppies growing up.


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