[VIDEO] Samoyed Puppy Blue Adds To Life Contentment


The Samoyed puppy in this video is Blue.  Looking at the man in the video, it looks like having Blue adds even more to his life’s contentment.  A puppy can do that.  A grown dog can do that.  Look at how at peace the man looks hugging blue.  The puppy probably thought he was just playing with his dad, but it looks almost like a back massage to me.  What a nice bonus.

A Samoyed has just enough weight to make that “walking on the back” feel just right as far as pressure goes.  The end of the video is sweet, with the couple relaxing in front of the water, and Blue snuggling up with them.

Enjoy watching this very sweet Samoyed bringing more contentment into this couple’s lives.

Image source:  Pet Collection World


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