[VIDEO] 6 Pug Puppies Sleeping


The 6 pug puppies who are sleeping in this video are newborn pups.  Turn up your volume for this video.  The lullaby will add to your enjoyment.

I’m fascinated by the way puppies move their little arms, their little legs, when they are asleep.  I don’t know if the lullaby was playing while they were sleeping (or if it was added after the video was filmed.)  If the music was playing while the puppies were being filmed, maybe they were partly responding to the music and its rhythm.

That would be a fun experiment, wouldn’t it?  Play soft music while newborn puppies sleep to see if their movement corresponds in anyway to the rhythm of the song?  For that matter, maybe experiment with puppies and grown dogs.  I’d be curious what happens.

Enjoy this sweet video.


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