[VIDEO] 7-Weeks-Old Papillon Puppy

video of a Papillon puppy

The future Mom is getting acquainted with this Papillon puppy while waiting for him to be old enough to come home with her.  His name is Deeps.  In about 5 weeks, he’ll be 12-weeks-old.  What a great idea to visit the puppy weeks before to become acquainted and start the bonding process.

By the time Deeps go to his new home, he’ll already know one person.  The transition will be so much easier.  Great strategy!  Deeps’ future mom is going to train him based on the practice of Positive Training (also called Clicker Training,) and has hopes that Deeps can learn anything using this approach.   She plans to show Deeps learning through this method in her future videos.

What are Papillons like?

Papillon’s ears look like butterfly wings, so sometimes they are called Butterfly dog, according to Dog Breed Info.  When full grown, Papillons weigh no more than 9 or 10 pounds.  They are friendly, smart, lively, playful, affectionate.  And they love to exercise outdoors.  Generally, they are easy to train, but housebreaking takes more patience on your part.

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Because of their size, they seem like apartment dogs.   While they are not yappers, they do get protective about their homes, and would bark at noises around them.  So if you live in a noise-restricted building, this may not be a good choice for you.

Papillons need to walk everyday.  If there’s an open area that is fenced in, they would love to romp around in that.  You need to brush the Papillon everyday.  Their hair does not mat, so brushing would be easy.  This is usually a clean dog and they don’t have an odor.  Do clean their teeth on a regular basis because they tend to build up tartar.  You can read more about Papillons here.   Enjoy watching Deeps’ Mom play with him before he goes home with her.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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