[VIDEO] 9-Weeks-Old Boston Terrier Pampered By Her Family

video 9 weeks old boston terrier puppy coming home

Welcome home, Pepper!  This is a video of Pepper’s first day home.  She is just 9 weeks old here.  Listen to the squeal of delight from her new family, eager to see the new baby of the family.  They rush out to see the puppy still in her doggie carrier inside the car, with her head peaking out.

Once inside, everyone continues squealing with excitement over how cute Pepper is.  It’s nice to have Mom just hold her in her lap and let Pepper rest.  It’s been an exciting day for everyone.  It doesn’t take long at all for Pepper to start bouncing around, already feeling at home with her new family.

Characteristics of Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are very well-mannered dogs.  They are gentle, intelligent, and alert, according to Dog Breed Info.  They are very easy to train because they like to learn.  They pick up things very quickly because of their intelligence.  And they are sensitive to our tone of voice.  So be gentle when you talk to them.

Some Boston owners say that their dogs are good watch dogs, and bark only when they need to.  Some say that their female Bostons don’t bark even at the door.

Furhaven Dog Playpen
Dog Playpen–help them feel secure when you are away

These Terriers are very good with children because they are playful and affectionate.  They are friendly with strangers, and get along with other animals.

They do need their physical and mental exercise, otherwise they can get high strung.  A long walk everyday, and playing freely in a yard that’s fenced would be sufficient exercise for Boston Terriers.

They are sensitive to extreme hot or cold.  So don’t leave them out in the yard in extreme weather.  They do well in either apartments or homes with a yard.  Their coat is easy to groom.  Wipe their face everyday with a damp cloth, and clean their eyes carefully.  Also check the ears to make sure no ticks are lurking there.  You can read more about the Boston Terriers here.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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