[VIDEO] A Bird Singing To A Dog

video bird singing to a dog at lunchtime

Sometimes, art is lost on the audience.  The dog in this video has no idea how good the bird’s voice is when he gets a serenade from a Cockatiel during his lunch time.

Even though the bird sings wonderfully, it seems the dog doesn’t really appreciate his friend’s performance.  He did not even acknowledge the entertainer.  He walks away after his meal, and lets his friend serenade to himself.   The artist does not mind.  He sings because he loves to, not because of his audience’s response.  This dog and bird obviously get along, but do all dogs and birds live in peace like this?

How to train a dog if you have a pet bird

According to Linda Berg on Birdsnways, if we do decide to have both a dog and a bird in our home, it is utmost important to train our dogs in two commands, even before they learn the command to sit.  Those two commands are “leave it” and “out”.

Pet Drinking Fountain
Pet Drinking Fountain

Train your dogs to interpret “leave it” as “don’t touch it, don’t even look at it” and to interpret “out” as “spit out whatever you have in your mouth right now.”  Because the writer of the article has done this training well with her dogs, a pet’s life was saved.

This speaks to the importance of training our dogs when there are unique circumstances in the household.  Dogs that are hunting dogs or have strong prey instincts are probably best not matched with a pet bird.  Not that dogs will kill them, it’s the movement that interest the dogs.  It’s something to chase after.  So if you already have a pet bird and decide that you would really love to adopt a dog, be sure to do your training with the dog immediately.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy listening to this Cockatiel serenade to his dog friend during lunch time.

Article source:  Linda Berg on Birdsnways


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