[VIDEO] Yorkie Puppies Playing With Mom

video Yorkshire terrier puppy playing with mom

Watch the Yorkie puppies in this video playing with their Mom, Paris.  The puppies are Angelina, Cecilia, Sophia, Vito, and Luca.  Even though they are playing with Mom (much larger than they are), they are chasing her.  Mom may be merely indulging her puppies by letting them THINK that she is running away from them because they scare her.  However, she may in fact need some alone time from her active puppies.

Actually one trait in Yorkies is that they think they are big dogs, and would not hesitate to go after a dog many times their size, according to Dog Time.   Early training can help with this.  Perhaps puppy obedience school.

What are Yorkies like?

Yorkies’ personalities vary.  Some are cuddly and just happy to follow you around all day.  Some can be mischievous.  Because they are so small and delicate, they are better suited for families with older children.  Young children may hug them too hard, or accidentally drop them.  They can also be yappy.  Again, early training can help.

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Yorkies don’t like to be cold.  They can get chilly if they are damp, or if they are in damp areas.  Their digestive system is delicate, and can be picky eaters.  If your Yorkie shows signs of discomfort when they eat or after they eat, it would be a good idea to take them to the vet.

Yorkies are open to training, especially learning tricks that bring them a lot of attention.  They are definitely house dogs.  Extreme cold or hot would not be good for them. They enjoy a walk outside with you, but they are so active indoor that you can easily keep them fit. They like playing fetch.  And squeaky toys are among their favorites.   You can read more about Yorkies here.  Enjoy watching the different personalities of these Yorkie puppies as they play with their Mom.

Article source:  Dog Time


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