[VIDEO] Adorable Teddy Bear Puppies Running Around

video teddy bear puppies want to play

Watch the adorable teddy bear puppies in this video running around.   Try watching them and not say “aaawwwwww”.   Impossible!  And they run surprisingly fast!  Imagine how fun it would be being chased by these little ones.

While the man is holding the cutie pie, there are 2 playing around his feet.  There is a reason why the man is walking so carefully.  Notice how he does not lift his feet, this way he would not accidentally step on the tiny puppies.  And if having a teddy bear puppy is in your near future, shuffling is a habit you want to practice walking around the house or anywhere the puppies are until your little one has learned not to walk between your legs or anywhere near your foot.

How to take care of Teddy Bear dogs

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According to Teddy Bear Puppies, this breed has a friendly temperament.  They are intelligent, easy to train, and love their humans.  Actually they prefer to be around you than play with another dog.  Truly a companion dog.  Another wonderful quality about this breed is that they only bark as needed, like watching out for the safety of the household.  It’s a pretty quiet dog.   (Just know this is not much of a watch dog.)

Often the parents of a teddy bear dog are a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise, so caring for a teddy bear dog would be similar to caring for their parents, according to Teddy Bear Puppies.  Groom them regularly.  Make sure their ears, eyes, and muzzle are clean.  And teach others in the household to walk so that their feet is not lifted off the floor, so the little puppies are protected while they are learning to not walk in your path.  You can read more about teddy bear dogs here.

Enjoy watching these very loveable puppies running around their parent.

Article source:  Teddy Bear Puppies


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