[VIDEO] A Boston Terrier Who Loves Rhythm


The Boston Terrier in this video LOVES rhythm.  He LOVES to dance to the beat.  And he is really really really really good with his timing.

Turn up your volume to watch this video so you can see how gifted this Boston Terrier is with his dancing feet.  And not just feet.  Watch how he rolls his shoulder and head at precisely the beat that makes the most sense for this dance move.

And his tongue!  It looks like he is dancing with his tongue as well.  I’m not sure if he’s just panting, or happy.  Let’s say he’s dancing with his tongue too. 🙂  That would make sense with this happy dancer.

Enjoy watching this joyful dancer.  Way too short a video.  I kept hitting Replay. 🙂

Image source:  cmfblynumb28 on Imgur


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