[VIDEO] A Clean Dog Wiping His Feet


The very clean dog in this video is wiping his feet on the mat before he enters the house.   What a polite and well-mannered dog.  I notice that he just came in from the yard.  So he might have picked up some grass or dirt on his paws.  See how THOROUGHLY this dog wipes his paws.  I think some humans are not as thorough as this dog is!  I know some people wash their dogs’ paws when they come home from a walk.  Especially if they just came back from parks that treat grass with some kind of chemicals.  Washing the dog’s paws when they come home would make sure they are not bringing in unwanted chemicals.  Also, you know how dogs sometimes lick their paws?  Washing their paws would make sure they are not accidentally swallowing chemicals not meant for them.  And it’s a really good way to keep your house clean.  Many people remove their shoes when they come home so they can keep their house clean.  Practical and healthy.

This is a really short video.  It’s just refreshing to see a dog keeps himself THIS clean.  Enjoy the video.


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