[VIDEO] Corgis Who Add Joy To Our Day


The Corgis in this video will add joy to our day, however good it already is.   Watching them energize me.  These Corgis are so filled with life.  Corgis have such capacity to entertain themselves.  In this video, they are learning to use the stairs, kissing a guinea pig, spinning around on a turn table and figuring out how to get off it, licking frosting off their own nose, chewing on their own tail, catching a snowball, beating up on a frisbee, competing with the snow plough, wrestling with a cat, playing dead, diving into the pool, bringing you a blanket…  Their joyful nature lifts us.  Whatever kind of day we are having, simply watching a Corgi can make the day even better.

Enjoy watching these glorious creatures make everything look fun!

Image source:  Logan494 on Imgur


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