[VIDEO] Zen Cat Massaging Zen Dog


The zen cat in this video is massaging the zen dog.  The cat’s name is Puss, and the dog’s name is Captain.  This is their daily ritual.  Can you imagine having these two peaceful friends who meditate in their own way in nature everyday?  And sit side by side as they appreciate quietly their peaceful surroundings?  Puss is feeling bliss, and offers Captain a nice Shiatsu massage.  Well, that’s what it looks like to me.  And it looks as if she knows her pressure points too!  I’m not sure if Captain is enjoying the massage.  He doesn’t look all that relaxed for someone receiving a massage.  Maybe Puss needs to file down her claws.  Or maybe Captain is trying to tell her, “A little to the left…lower…lower…”  I marvel at the owners who create such an environment of harmony that Puss and Captain would spend peaceful time in nature like this side by side.  Day in and day out.  And do the massage thing as a daily ritual!  Impressive.

Enjoy this peaceful time with Puss and Captain.


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