[VIDEO] Dogs Who Enjoy Doing What Humans Do


The dogs in this video enjoy doing some of the things that humans do.  Dog # 1 looks pretty relaxed in the swing.  The man looks very content pushing the swing for his beloved friend.  Dog # 2 is an athlete.  Talk about coordination.  This human has found himself a work-out partner.  Dog # 3 likes to accompany herself.  I am guessing there is a human singer who accompanies herself in the family.  Dog # 4–Remember Pac-man?   Humans are not the only ones addicted to video games.  Dogs # 5–I so admire their discipline!  Dog # 6–Tucked in under the blanket just like a child would be.  And this doggie acts like this is how all dogs sleep.  Dog # 7 got the right idea.  Let the human do the work.  Just go for the free ride.  Dog # 8 finds the trampoline’s bounciness fascinating.  Finally, a playmate that won’t get hurt if you pounce on it!  And Dog # 9…well, can you walk as fast as this little one can on hind legs?

Enjoy watching  this entertaining video.


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