[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppy Learning To Crawl


The Bulldog puppy in this video is learning to crawl.  It sounds like and looks like hard work for this little one.  Turn up your volume to get the full effect of this video.  Listen to his little grunt.  I think it’s an expression of “This is such hard work.  I have to use my little arms to support my entire body.  And it doesn’t help that the floor is not level with this blanket all squished up.”

Notice he needs to take a break at the wall and just rest his little head against it.  It may just be just a short distance from the blanket to the wall.  But for someone just starting to get acquainted with his arms and using them to hold up his own weight–this is strenuous work.  You know how people grunt when they lift weights?  I think that’s what’s happening with this puppy.

Enjoy watching this little one, and turn up your volume to hear his voice.


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