[VIDEO] This Corgi Wants More Attention


The Corgi in this video wants more attention from his human mom.  His mom has been giving him a nice head rub and chest rub.  Then she gets back to working on the computer.  But the Corgi feels so good with Mom’s soft touch that he wants more.  “Mom, more attention please!”  First, he tucks his nose under his mom’s wrist, so she can’t use the computer.  So Mom gives him more attention.  Then she returns to her work.  The Corgi gets more assertive this time, and puts his paw on her hand.  Who can resist THIS request for attention?  So Mom gives him more attention, then gets back to work.  Toward the end of the video, this smart Corgi rests his head on the arm of the futon.  I’m not sure whether to interpret his intention as one of giving up or working on the mom’s sympathy.  Whichever intention it is, it’s a sign that this is a very smart dog.

Enjoy watching this Corgi ask for more attention from his mom.

Image source:  via Pinterest


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