Beautiful Yorkies Photos


All the photos in this article are Yorkies.  Lovely Yorkies.  These images are compiled by Greta Alvarez of Buzzfeed.  The expressions on these Yorkies’ faces are precious.  Puppy #1 seems to be saying, “ I am at your service.  What would you like me to do next?”  Puppy #2 seems to be saying, “So you are upset just because I played with your socks???”  Puppy #3 is probably saying, “Hurry with the camera, I can’t hold this pose much longer.”  Puppy #6 is probably saying, “Stop telling me how to drive!”  Puppy #11 is saying, “You should stop looking at your computer and play with me.”  Puppy #15 is saying, “I LOVE the wind!”  Puppy #19  I like the caption that Greta wrote.  Puppy #20 is saying, “I am so lovable.  EVERYBODY loves me.”  Puppy #21  See photo below.

CLICK here to see the other beautiful Yorkies.


Article source:  Greta Alvarez of Buzzfeed

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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