[VIDEO] Newborn Bulldog Puppies Sleeping and Twitching


The newborn Bulldog puppies you see in this video are sleeping and twitching.  Turn up your volume to hear the little sounds they make.  Their adoring human fans are also talking, so you might need to filter out their conversation.  But toward the end of the video, you can hear the puppies’ little voices more clearly.  I think the puppies are moving their mouths because they are still newborns, and think they are suckling.  Especially the puppy on the right is doing a lot of that.  The puppy on the left is twitching its arms, as if waving.  I notice a lot of puppies, especially newborns, twitch a lot.  And it looks as if they are dreaming.  Well, maybe they are.  Or maybe they are getting used to being in this new body.  I can understand why their human fans are clicking photos in the background.  I’m sure you have a whole photo album of your newborn as well.

Enjoy watching these two newborn puppies.


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