[VIDEO] This Kitten Adores Her Puppy Friend


The kitten in this video adores her puppy friend.  The kitten is Adele, a 4-weeks-old kitten.  The puppy is Chip, a 5-weeks-old Chihuahua puppy.  They were both brought to an animal shelter on the same day, so the staff there decided to put the two babies together.  Perhaps they feel a bond for each other because they arrive the shelter the same day.  You know how on the first day of school, it’s nice to find someone you feel a connection with?  Well, these two really bonded and became the best of friends.  The shelter is so mindful of their special bond that after the two got all their shots and were old enough to be spayed and neutered, the staff made sure they got adopted by the same family.  Now Chip and Adele live happily ever after in their forever home.  Together.  What a nice ending.

Turn up your volume so you can hear Chip’s sweet little voice.


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