[VIDEO] This Dog Likes His Pacifier


The dog in this video likes his pacifier.  His human mom pleads with him to give her the pacifier, but he refuses.  Watch how he uses his hand to tell her, “Leave it, lady!  I want this, and I’m keeping it in my mouth.  Go get your own!”  I think the human is repeatedly trying to get the pacifier from the dog to record this video.  This dog is very patient with her.  No growling, no sounds of annoyance from him.  He is persistent and insistent that the pacifier stays in his mouth.   I suppose he finds it comforting and soothing.  Maybe that’s why puppies (and not just puppies) like to use one.  Regardless of chronological age, what we find comforting will feel comforting.  Look how long it takes for a child to give up a security blanket.  I hope this dog’s human learns to respect the wish of this dog.

Enjoy watching this beautiful dog insist on keeping what he likes.


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