[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Puppy Making Friends With Camera


The Golden Retriever puppy in this video is making friends with the camera.  And he is a natural star!  The camera loves him.  This puppy does not have a bad angle.  Everything he does on camera is delightful.  He walks toward the camera and tries to make contact with it.  I think that’s why the videographer is laughing in the background.  And you know that puppy wave that looks adorable on any puppy?  This little one specializes in that!  And the “play with me” squat.  He specializes in that too.  It’s funny that when he tries to climb up the big cushion in the backyard, he slides right off.  If this puppy lives with me, I would not get anything done around the house.  I’d just be watching him all day!

Enjoy every move this Golden Retriever puppy makes!


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