[VIDEO] Some Of The Cutest Puppies On The Internet


This is a video of some of the cutest puppies on the internet.  They may not be famous, (but they might!) they are definitely adorable.   You might have seen some of these video clips already from my posts or other websites.  Starting with puppy # 1, this puppy has one of those voices I could listen to all day.  And he’s talkative.  With that face and persistence, he can have anything he wants!  Puppy # 2 looks like BOO.  One of Boo’s habits is licking.  Just licking.  Not someone.  Just licking.  Puppy # 5 is learning to talk.  And crawl.  From the camera clicks in the background, this is also a very photogenic puppy.  And the last puppy is just waking up, and practicing his vocal chords.  He also hasn’t quite gotten a handle on walking in his doggie bed yet.  He is also a very talkative one.

Enjoy watching and listening to these very lovely puppies.


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