[VIDEO] Fun Friendship Between A German Shepherd And A Cat


The German Shepherd and cat in this video have a fun friendship.  The Shepherd is Jet, and the cat is Emilia.  In this video, they are rough-housing with each other.  They really do play well together.  The video starts with Emilia watching Jet eat his meal.  She was just waiting for him to eat, like a friend sitting beside you while you finish your lunch.  Emilia plays a bit rougher than Jet.  Maybe because he knows he is much larger than his kitty friend, Jet is quite gentle in his play, actually.  Even when he puts his mouth around Emilia’s neck, there is no teeth, and is a very soft, gentle play.   And when Emilia plays too rough, Jet just moves away.  But the kitty follows him.  It’s really wonderful to see a dog and a cat play this well together, especially when they are rough-housing.

Enjoy watching these friends having a good time with each other.


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