[VIDEO] Pampering An 18-Days-Old Puppy With Relaxing Massage


The 18-days-old puppy in this video is being pampered with a relaxing massage.  The puppy instinctively knows to just let go and enjoy the nurturing touch.  When the human mom starts massaging the puppy’s back, it looks like the pup cooperates by turning onto the side a little bit.  Turn up your volume so you can hear the little satisfying sounds the puppy is making.  It’s very low, so you might turn up the volume higher to hear this little pup.  I remember reading that premature human babies who are touched grow faster.  I am assuming that this same idea transfer to puppies as well.  The tactile message of being adored, cared for, has GOT to transmit a happy signal to the puppy’s brain.  Later in this video, there’s a second puppy being massaged at the same time.  He doesn’t seem to mind that his sibling’s feet is on top of his head.  Well, scalp massage is very relaxing too.

Enjoy a nice relaxing massage along with this puppy.


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