[VIDEO] Husky Having A Conversation With His Owner


The Husky in this video is having a conversation with his owner.  Yes, a conversation.  This puppy is 8-months-old.  The owner wrote that the puppy is trying to guard his food, and he keeps calling the puppy to him, so the Husky could not return to his food.  I interpret it differently.  I see the empty food bowl on the table, and the puppy keeps returning to it.  I think he is saying, “Come on, feed me already.”  His owner is enjoying the response he gets from his puppy and keeps calling him.  Each time, the puppy would say something back.  This can’t possibly be a very quiet household. 🙂   I think the puppy is telling the owner off.  Something like “Stop this silly game.  What does a dog need to do around here to get some peace and food?”  I like the dog’s complaint.  I think he’s absolutely right!

Enjoy listening to this Husky.

Image source:  urdogs


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