[VIDEO] Puppy Holds Driver’s Hand During Car Ride


The puppy in this video likes to hold the driver’s hand during a car ride.   The puppy’s name is Tom.  You know how some dogs love to ride in the car and hang their heads out the window, feeling the wind in their face?  And loving every second of it?  Not Tom.  Car ride is not a joyful experience for him.  So he looks to his human for comfort.  He reaches out to hold Adam’s hand.   It’s very sweet that dogs let you know what they want from you.  They are clear about their wants.  Isn’t that a nice trait?  I think this puppy’s height does not allow him to see above the dashboard.  Just imagine being in a moving vehicle without being able to see outside.  All you feel is the motion, and you don’t know when the vehicle will stop so you can brace yourself.  (This puppy does not have a seat belt on.)  I can understand this puppy’s discomfort with car rides.

Enjoy watching this sweet puppy reaching out for a comforting hand.

Image source:  i.ytimg


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