[VIDEO] Beautiful Misa Minnie At 31-Weeks-Old


In this video, beautiful Misa Minnie was 31-weeks-old, and already doing all these tricks.   Her human mom praises her frequently, along with treats.  She also uses her voice to show her excitement when Misa finishes a trick.  They high-five a lot.  Isn’t it amazing what positive reinforcement can do for learning?  Misa Minnie has her own Facebook page, so if you enjoy this video, you can visit her page.  After you watch what she can do in this video, you will understand why she deserves her fame.  I think she is ready for Hollywood if she wants to go that route.  In this video, she will show you how she can sit pretty, pray, knock things down, wave, close doors, and the cutest one…body check!  By the way, Misa Minnie already has passed her therapy dog test.  This was shown in another video.  You can type in the search box “Misa Minnie”.

Enjoy watching Misa Minnie show us only a handful of tricks she has mastered.


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