[VIDEO] Dogs Waiting For Children To Come Home From School


The dogs in this video are all waiting for their children to come home from school.  It’s the most lovely sight to see a dog running to greet a child who just got off the school bus.  Imagine the delight in the child’s heart, having their friend wait for them to come home, run to greet them, and play with them.  Some dogs even carry the school bag for the children.  What a lovely way to be welcomed home.  Children who have this kind of friendship with their dogs are very fortunate.  Whatever experience they might have had at school, they have an eager friend to share their experience with.  And for those who haven’t made many friends yet, having a dog is such a great ice-breaker.  Adults do it all the time in the park.

Enjoy watching the sweet friendships between these dogs and their children friends.

Image source:  Pinterest


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