[VIDEO] A Dog Dances To Choreographed Ballet


This video shows the most impressive dog dancing to choreographed ballet with her trainer.  I am so impressed with Lizzy.  Her footwork is very intricate.  When you watch this video, notice much of the time she was quite a few feet in front of Sandra, so she is not taking cues from her trainer.  This is a long piece of music, and some of the verses are very similar.  Yet Lizzy remembers every single move.  And none of the choreograph was repeated in the song.   Lizzy even walks side way, and crisscross her front legs.  She mimicks Sandra in the one leg lift.  Lizzy truly is a ballet dog!  This piece of music showcases Lizzy’s advanced dance skills.

If your dog likes to hop along to your favorite song, there is a possibility that dancing could be a fun activity for both of you, according to Pet MD.  If your dog has passed basic obedience, that’s great.  Teach her to heel, sit and lie down on command, as well as other commands, and there you have the basic steps of a dance routine.  And your dog needs to have know these commands really well before you even introduce music to the routines.  It really helps if your dog is into music.  Because if you are in the competition ring, treats are not allowed.  So your dog has to do the routine because she finds it fun.  Find out which kind of music your dog responds to.  How do you know?  Look for that gleam in her eyes when you are playing the right song.  If there’s a club near you for this, you might check it out.  At least go to a demonstration of canine dance, and talk to the members there.   You don’t have to get into competition.  You can show off your dog’s dance skills by entertaining children and seniors.  You can read the entire article about canine dance and how to get involved here.

Article source:  Pet MD


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